Our Brands

CBD is a diverse product, enjoyed by people from all walks of life. And while CBD may be the common denominator, people’s tastes and preferences are different. That’s why Elevated Hemp Solutions is pleased to offer two distinct brands. Through our Elevated Soul and Happy Place Hemp brands, we’re bringing the benefits of CBD to everyone, no matter who they are or what they enjoy.

Happy Place Hemp

Full spectrum, full flavor

Find your happy place and enjoy the full-spectrum benefits of CBD! Distilled to achieve a golden, honey-like glow, Happy Place Hemp includes the essential terpenes and chained cannabinoids necessary for a truly mellow experience. Our Wisconsin-grown, high-quality hemp, guarantees freshness you’ll smell, taste and feel each time you go to your happy place.

Happy Place Hemp is for the cannabis lovers out there. This CBD product contains terpenes, which means you’re getting the distinct taste and smell you enjoy, alongside the full-spectrum effects of chained, activated cannabinoids.

Elevated Soul CBD

Full spectrum, neutral flavor

Elevate your mind, body and soul with our full-spectrum, double-distilled CBD tincture. Elevated Soul has all the benefits you want, without the taste or aroma of traditional hemp products. Grown, processed and packaged in Wisconsin, we use only the highest quality plants to ensure an uplifting experience that calms the mind, heals the body and soothes the soul.

This product is for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of CBD, without facing the stigma of using a cannabis product. Likewise, if the taste and smell of cannabis aren’t your cup of tea, Elevated Soul is perfect for you!