Elevated Hemp Solutions believes CBD is part of the future of wellness. As part of that future, we’re taking steps to establish ourselves as a responsible steward within the rapidly-growing cannabis industry. We believe the success of this industry—and the future of CBD and related products—comes down to safe, effective, honest products.

Farm-to-Shelf Approach

As a Wisconsin-based company, we source our industrial hemp straight from local-area growers. All our CBD products are distilled from hemp that’s planted, grown, farmed and processed in Wisconsin! Working with locally-grown hemp affords us more control and oversight in the process, like ensuring no pesticides are used on the crop we buy. We’re proud to be no further than a quick car ride from the growers we work with.

Not only is our hemp locally-grown and -cultivated, it’s also distilled here as well. We do all processing on-site at our facility in Muskego, WI, as well as packaging, warehousing, shipping and customer service. We don’t outsource anything! From the moment the hemp arrives at our facilities, to the moment someone buys our CBD products, they’re overseen by our staff, managed to our high-quality standards.

Our farm-to-shelf approach creates a more responsibly-sourced, safely-handled, better product for our customers.

Working with Local Companies

Our commitment to a farm-to-shelf product puts us in a great position to work with local small businesses. We may sell our products nationwide, but the creation of those products starts right next door. We’re proud to have local partnerships and support small businesses.

We believe it’s these partnerships that are responsible for helping us create a strong brand, a great product and a reputation rooted in quality.

Supporting our Distributors

As we grow our network of distributors, we guarantee you’ll always have the support of the Elevated Hemp Solutions staff. We’re always available to answer questions, provide help and make sure you and your customers are getting what they need. Our commitment to maintaining an excellent reputation means working with you to ensure success.