Elevated Hemp Solutions maintains strict testing of every batch of our CBD products. This serves two purposes:

  • To ensure the integrity of the products we’re producing by guaranteeing the chemical composition of each batch.
  • To stay within state and federal regulations regarding THC content and as proof of any stated ingredient claims.

Our testing is done via third-party accredited laboratories, using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipment to provide accurate results at low levels (parts per million). We test at every stage of production:

  • Flower cultivation, CBD profile
  • Extract stage, broad spectrum testing
  • Distillate stage, broad spectrum testing
  • Final product, CBD and THC levels

Broad spectrum testing covers a wide range of variables—specifically CBD and THC content. Reports also include results for prominent cannabinoids (important for full-spectrum products), as well as the terpene profile. This testing qualifies our CBD as sourced from pesticide-free hemp.

Happy Place Hemp

Below you’ll find all batch testing results for our Happy Place Hemp line of CBD, sorted from newest to oldest. To locate results for your batch, please use the product type, strength and batch number.

2000 mg Tincture | Lot 021-3813
Lifter | Lot 013-3693
Wife | Lot 020-3650
Pre-Rolls | Lot 012-3461
Cherry Abacus | Lot 017-3580
Hempress 1 | Lot 018-3580
Cherry Wine | Lot 019-3580
Pet Spray | Lot 014-3378
Pre-Rolls | Lot 012-3363
3.5g Jars Lifter | Lot 013-3363
500 mg Tincture | Lot 010-3346
1000 mg Tincture | Lot 011-3346
500 mg Tincture | Lot 010-3321
1000 mg Tincture | Lot 011-3321

Elevated Soul

Batch test results for our Elevated Soul CBD line are below, sorted from newest to oldest. To locate results for your batch, please use the product type, strength and batch number.

2000mg Tincture | Lot 009-3813
2000mg Body Butter | Lot 041-3813
1000mg Body Butter | Lot 040-3813
2000mg Muscle Cream | Lot 043-3813
1000mg Muscle Cream | Lot 042-3813
2000mg Body Balm | Lot 045-3813
1000mg Body Balm | Lot 044-3813
1000mg Tincture | Lot 003-3636
500mg Body Balm | Lot 008-3632
500mg Muscle Cream | Lot 007-3632
375 mg Lotion | Lot 006-3633
750 mg Lotion | Lot 004-3633
500 mg Muscle Cream | Lot 007-3553
500 mg Body Balm | Lot 008-3553
500 mg Body Butter | Lot 003-3373
750 mg Lotion | Lot 004-3370
500 mg Tincture | Lot 001-3346
1000 mg Tincture | Lot 002-3346
500 mg Tincture | Lot 001-3321
1000 mg Tincture| Lot 002-3321

Elevated Hemp Solutions strives to be as transparent as possible when it comes to testing. If your state requires proof of testing to retail CBD or you’re curious about batch composition for our products, review the results below. For other questions, please contact us directly.