Elevated Hemp Solutions is a Wisconsin State-Licensed Hemp Processor. We’re passionate about CBD and the potential for cannabis in the future. We’ve seen the explosion in popularity of CBD and followed the scientific developments behind it for years. Now, we’re proud to have our own line of CBD products and excited to play a role in the growing, changing cannabis industry.

Where We’re From

We’re a group of business veterans with expertise in wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, chemical and process engineering, marketing and market research, among other careers. Together, we’ve pooled our expertise and personal interest in CBD to create a company in an industry we’re passionate about. Elevated Hemp Solutions launched in 2019.

What We’re Doing

At Elevated Hemp Solutions, we’re working hard to establish a reputation for quality and excellence in an industry that’s quickly becoming mainstream. After decades of being criminalized and persecuted, cannabis is still finding its identity as something accepted by society. We’re helping to set the tone and shape the opinion of what CBD is (and isn’t).

Through our Elevated Soul and Happy Place Hemp CBD products, we’re introducing CBD and its many benefits to people from all walks of life. From the soccer mom to skateboarders, truck drivers to chefs, we aim to show how CBD can create positive change for anyone and everyone.

Where We’re Going

As we establish ourselves within the cannabis industry, we’ve got our eyes set on bigger and better things ahead. This includes formulating strain-specific CBD tinctures, using industrial hemp specially-cultivated for its cannabinoid content and terpene composition.

We also hope to launch additional CBD products, including hemp flower, edible and topical products.

The future of the cannabis industry is headed in the right direction. We’re paying close attention to where it’s going and will continue to update our product offerings as new developments come to light.